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Arabian style Bamboo Flute in the key of low E. Hijaz Kar | Sopro Flutes

Arabian style Bamboo Flute in the key of low E. Hijaz Kar | Sopro Flutes

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This is an exotic sounding transverse flute, with a middle eastern scale. This is a very intuitive melodic minor mode, that will always sound soothing, making it ideal for improvisation or meditative sessions.

It has a rich deep "airy" tone (~48cm or 18.9 inches) and it's tuned to the key of E4 in the Hijaz kar scale.

It will play well and clearly in 2 full octaves.

Please note that this flute will require you to use your pinky finger on the bottom hole. This may be a little hard in the beginning, but with training it will become natural! It won't require you to stretch your fingers too much, though, as the last hole is offset for RIGHT-HANDED PLAYERS. But make sure to have this in mind :)

This flute was naturally cured by the shade and was then fire treated afterwards.

The interior was protected with sweet almonds oil and the exterior with a solution of beeswax and sunflower oil.

You can check a sound sample of a similar flute here:

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Care Instructions

Please take good care of your flute! :)

- Do not submit it to high amplitudes in temperature;

- A little hidration with sweet almonds oil from time to time will help :)

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