The Flute Making Adventure!

Bamboo is a very special and versatile material to make Instruments with! Much of the work is already there: it is hollow, has a slight conicity and is very pretty I would say! 

For me, creating a flute with bamboo is a way of paying respect to Nature and connecting with it.  Each bamboo flute is unique, so I take care to understand its individual properties and maximize its potential. 

The process of making a flute from bamboo is a journey of learning, persistence, and ends up being a metaphore for the values of respect and comunion with Nature. Each step in the process is important: selecting the appropriate, well matured bamboo plantation, carefully and mindfully harvesting it, curing and cleaning, and then crafting! The end result is always a surprise: a unique looking and sounding instrument.

I have always had a passion for exploring different musical scales and styles. I love the exotic sounds of Kokin-Joshi, Akebono, and Arabian scales, which are perfect for meditation and have a calming and soothing nature to them. I also have a special interest in Native American style Flutes, and, more broadly, to transverse flutes, each of which has its own cultural significance and unique sound.

Creating a flute that embodies a culture is a truly special experience, and it's something that I take great pride in. When you shop with me, you're not just getting a handcrafted musical instrument, you're also supporting my passion and my work, namely by helping me to acquire new tools. I would love to connect with you and help you find the flute you are looking for!