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Native American Style Flute in the key of A made with European Beech | Rui Gomes

Native American Style Flute in the key of A made with European Beech | Rui Gomes

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This is a Native American Style Flute, made with vintage reclaimed hardwoods (European Beech for the Body and African Mahogany for the mouthpiece, ring and totem), tuned in the key of A at A440Hz.

Experience the versatility of this flute, which is suitable for Native American songs, meditation, and sound healing sessions. Its comfortable design makes it beginner-friendly, allowing for effortless finger placement. With 5 holes and an intuitive structure, it produces the typical A minor Pentatonic scale along with a few extra notes in the second octave.

This flute was carefully crafted as a single piece using a lathe. The totem is fixed with dark leather. It is finished with linseed oil, beeswax, and shellac to ensure its longevity.

Discover its unique sound—a powerful yet subtly textured tone. For a sound sample of a similar flute, you can listen to it here:

Feel free to contact me for any further inquiries.

Kind regards,
Rui Gomes


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Care Instructions

Please take good care of your flute! :)

- Do not submit it to high amplitudes in temperature;

- A little hidration with sweet almonds oil from time to time will help :)

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